Holiday Programme - An Eye For Art

Holiday Programme An Eye For Art 

To begin our holiday programme we would be exploring Pointillism art lesson for kids which is always a great one, as painting with Q-tips and other mediums to make dots that create a wonderful image as a whole is an exciting and fun journey.  

This art lesson will give our young learners some information on Seurat himself, so we would teach a little art history, and then go into how to create a pointillism piece easily. George Seurat was an artist who created some amazing works of art by using this unique technique.  

Claymation would be explored in the 2nd week which is second to none for engaging students in the curriculum and bringing creativity and exploration to the classroom. It is easily modified to meet the needs of a variety of curriculum topics, and is perfect for hands-on learners and new technology users. The claymation process helps students build essential thinking and communication skills and provides a fun and relevant way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.  

In the following week, we would be exploring fabric dyeing whereby our little ones would be involved in the process which takes some planning and can be a mess, but when done correctly it will be a process to our students which they will never forget! They’ll be proud of their success. As they use their dyed fabric meaningfully they become a walking piece of art!  

To end our art galore we would wrap it up with Mosaic art! A mosaic is a special form of art that uses small objects to create larger pictures.Mosaics are a traditional craft which we can’t just pull off in a half hour, they take time, patience and planning to create which would be a good test for our little artists.  

So why wait! Venture into our June holiday programme and unveil the Artist in your child! Register to find out more details.

3 to 28 Jun 2019 (10am to 5pm)  

Catering for kids aged: 2 to 12 Years Old Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Fee: S$400 per week Programmes: Arts, English, Mandarin & etc

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