Open House Mar 2019

An Eye For Art

Pegasus International Preschool invites you to our Open House to have an insight to our uniquely designed Art enrichment programme that captures the beautiful creations of a child's world through the lens of their eyes...  

Introducing Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstract art, who will be the aspiration for the day.  

Kandinsky advocates Process Art for children deploying colour, line, shape, and texture to create a rhythmic visual experience that would evoke emotionally.

Join Us for a Fun-filled Art Enrichment Day: Novena (Keng Lee Road) Campus 23 Mar 2019 (Sat) 10am - 1pm Address: 72 Keng Lee Road, Level 2, Singapore 219248 Enquiries: 6291 8286(English 华语 日本語)

We are an international preschool that follows the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for Kindergarten and Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) requirements for child care services.


We strive to create and foster a safe, friendly and conducive environment which allows children from all parts of the world to immerse and engage in a learning journey like no other. We offer a low child to teacher ratio and a stimulating Reggio Emilia inspired inquiry-based curriculum.


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What: Pegasus Open House Event Mar 2019

Where & When: 72 Keng Lee Road, Level 2, Singapore 219248 23 Mar 2019 (Sat) 10am - 1pm

Why: Precious opportunity to experience our class for free!!!

The video from our previous event:


Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum

In Pegasus International Preschool, Teachers deliver an "emergent curriculum" predicted on the emerging interest, ideas and questions of the children with the given opportunity for discussion, decision-making choices, teamwork and evaluating the course of an investigation.

Rekindling the deeply curious our uniquely designed Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum centres around a rich learning experience for the children by our Trained and Dynamic Team of Teachers.

"To teach is to learn twice" View the Wonder World of Pegasus through the eyes of our Educators....

23 March (Sat) 10am - 1pm Novena (Keng Lee) Campus

Theme: An Eye For Art

  • Presentation of our Learning Approach
  • Kandinsky Abstract Art Experience (Circle Printing, Dough Circles, concentric Circles) 
  • School Tour

Here are some of our strengths: 

International Preschool

We are open to all nationalities and not just local children.

Inquiry-based Curriculum

It gives our children plentiful chance to explore, observe, discover with the teacher & understrand that learning is fun.

Low Teacher-child Ratio

Our teachers are able to understand and listen to the voice of individual child during their inquiry discussion and topic.

Childcare Services

We prepare childcare services from 18 months to 6 years old.


This is what we practice in school and not forgetting a 3rd language of Japanese, if the children want to learn more, as we have an in house Japanese Teacher.

School Bus Available

Check us out for the bus routes.


What: Pegasus Open House Event Mar 2019

Where & When: 72 Keng Lee Road, Level 2, Singapore 219248 23 Mar 2019 (Sat) 10am - 1pm

Why: Precious opportunity to experience our class for free!!!

So... are you in?


More information about Pegasus International Preschool can be found at

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