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Reggio Emilia Preschool Singapore

We are inviting parents with children aged 18 months to 6 years old to join us on our school tour.

We strive to create and foster a safe, friendly and conducive environment which allows children from all parts of the world to immerse and engage in a learning journey like no other. We offer a low child to teacher ratio and a stimulating inquiry-based curriculum.

Grandstand Campus: 200 Turf Club Road, #06-08, Singapore 287994 Tel: +65 6735 2494

Novena (Keng Lee Road) Campus: 72 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 219248 (Opposite of KK Hospital Novena) Tel: +65 6291 8286 

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SOAR with Confidence

Here are some of our strengths:

Inquiry-based Curriculum It gives our children plentiful chance to explore, observe, discover with the teacher & understrand that learning is fun.

Low Teacher-child Ratio Our teachers are able to understand and listen to the voice of individual child during their inquiry discussion and topic.

Multilingualism • English • Mandarin • Japanese

Childcare Services We provide childcare services from 18 months to 6 years old.

School Bus Available Check us out for the bus route. 

Our Curriculum:

Smart Toddler 1 & 2 Ages 18 mths to 35 mths: Our Smart Toddler programmes focus on the nature of toddlers who are curious, inquisitive and active. They will enthusiastically use their five senses to actively explore the world around them. They find pleasure in causing things to happen and in completing basic tasks. And once a discovery is made, they will want to make it happen again and again and again! 

Language and Communication Development Skills: Responding and understanding some words, forming simple sentences, singing and responding to songs, rhymes and stories.  

Nursery 1 & 2 Programme Age 3 & Age 4 yrs: At Nursery 1 & 2, children have an increased sense of self confidence, they develop social skills and interact more during play time. They begin to understand more content, skills and concepts. Reading, phonics and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the child’s emergent capacity for language learning and acquisition.  

Cognitive and Brain development: Your child is able to associate life objects to pictures, starts to sequence different events and daily routines. There is a sense of awareness displayed of the daily roles of people around them and starts to take familiar roles in pretend play.

Kindergarten 1 Age 5 Years: At kindergarten 1 & 2, children build a foundation for all later academic disciplines by learning essential skills that will help them in schooling years. Through investigative experiments, role play and problem solving tasks in school, your child attains confidence and the ability to achieve long term goals in a fast changing and globalized world. 

Self and Social Development abilities: Your child displays increasing independence, self awareness and emotional regulation. It is important that your child understands and stands up for his or her rights, shows positive attitudes towards activities and has cooperative, prosocial behavior with others. There is also the ability to compromise and discuss to resolve conflicts and being able to work cooperatively with others.

Kindergarten 2 Age 6 Years: With increased social competence, confidence and emotional maturity, your child will continue to work collaboratively in projects. There is demonstrated critical thinking skills, exploration of ideas and concepts, problem solving in our inquiry based learning environment. By the end of kindergarten 2, your child will be equipped with the life skills and character development that are important factors for school and lifelong learning.

Sensory and Psycho-motor Development: Gross and fine motor skills with the use of senses are demonstrated with higher competency. Your child will be able to make use of their senses in visual, sound, taste and smell with different abilities and discriminating skills.

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What: Pegasus School Tour 2018

When: To be Confirmed after Registration

Where: Grandstand Campus: 200 Turf Club Road, #06-08, Singapore 287994 Tel: +65 6735 2494  

Novena (Keng Lee Road) Campus: 72 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 219248 (Opposite of KK Hospital Novena) Tel: +65 6291 8286 

Why: Precious opportunity to experience our class for free!!!

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Grandstand Campus: 200 Turf Club Road, #06-08, Singapore 287994 Tel: +65 6735 2494  

Novena (Keng Lee Road) Campus: 72 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 219248. (Opposite of KK Hospital Novena) Tel: +65 6291 8286