Miss Huda

Hi I am Norhuda Alkaff! In Pegasus school, I am known as Miss Huda. I am holding a position as a Vice Principal and a School Teacher for nursery class. My journey in the early child field has been remarkable and inspiring. I have been into this field for six years and had a vast experiences in the early childhood setting. I am graduated from United Kingdom with a Degree Honors in Early Childhood studies.

My life journey took me from the homeland of Singapore to UK for eight years, which not only broadened my horizons but also gained my working experiences in Health and Nursing and Child Care setting. In Singapore, I began to embark my journey at Blue House International School as an assistant teacher and also being promoted as a teacher. Working in this school had given me the opportunity to learn in various ways of teaching. The experiences that I had in Blue House, was not only gaining in teaching performances but also working in the environment that follows the Reggio Emilia approach. After several years I worked in Blue House, I continued my journey at Pegasus International Preschool.

As an educator I believe that validating the children’s work and supporting them to go deeper into their perception of the world is an important part of the process. The learning journey that they embark upon from birth is to be marveled at and nurtured. As an educator of early education she also believe that the journey children encounter should be based upon and led by their knowledge and natural curiosity. Children are shaped by their experiences, and this is imperative to their enjoyment and achievement. As an educator, I am to facilitate the best learning experiences for all children and at Pegasus International school my philosophy is shared and valued.