Ms Rithaa

Ms Rithaa

I am the N2 lead teacher and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from James Cook University.

As an educator, I see children as cultural beings that form, learn and grow through their cultural spaces which heavily impacts their modes of learning.

I believe that children learn best in an environment that highlights their cultural capita, engages their community and creates space for their inner most selves to shine.

Hence, as an educator, I want to build upon and extend on children’s social interactions, socio-emotional needs and community connections to inform my planning and teaching. Becoming an educator is something I always saw myself doing as I have always wanted to build a safe space where children can come and be themselves, where they feel welcomed, honoured and loved as whole beings. Pegasus International School allows for me to achieve just that. It allows for me, as an educator, to further develop autonomy over my planning, teaching pedagogies and classroom management. In addition, Pegasus International Schools provides a platform for teacher’s talents and creativity to shine through.

In my personal time, I love to cook and to read! Some of my favourite authors include Bell Hooks, Angela Davis, Anne Carson and Mary Oliver. I also write poetry as part of my own creative expressions and dancing around my room as a form of stress relief! Hiking, brunching and taking long walks through parks are other ways I spend my weekends. My biggest guilty pleasures are spicy food, chocolates and Korean dramas that make me cry!