Transformative, Child-Centred Preschool Education

Your child loves to ask “Why?” as soon as they are able to express themselves verbally. Children, even as an infant, are born inquisitive. They are curious to explore new things all the time.

This is why, at Pegasus, our curriculum focus is on Inquiry-based learning where children starts by formulating questions through interactions with their environment. At Pegasus, we begin this inquiry process by understanding the many questions c“hildren ask and allowing them to engage in intuitively exploring in their environment with their own senses.

Initiated by their interest, we engage our pre-schoolers =to further explore various concepts creatively such as Language and literacy, Mathematics, Physical and Cognitive development etc. For a pre-schooler, we believe that a holistic approach has to be taken, which is why Pegasus places a strong emphasis on our children’s physical well-being, character building and their environmental consciousness.

Inquiry-Based Learning

At Pegasus, we begin our process of inquiry by gathering information and data through applying the human senses such as seeing, touching, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling.

The activities start with a question. The children are involved in hands on experiences. Their experiences are more successful when questions have been phrased clearly. They are able to discover answers through their own hands on experiences or through their own research. From these experiences the children gained valuable knowledge which will be embedded in them throughout their learning journey.

Vision & Mission


Pegasus aim to deliver high quality early childhood experiences in a conducive and inquiring environment. Our Inquiry-based curriculum strives to promote fun learning, inquiring thinking, thus allowing our students to develop and progress confidently.


  • Promote creativity, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development through interactive activities for children using hands-on explorations, indoor and outdoor experiences comprising of creative music, arts and movements.
  • Encourage children to foster a passion for learning and become a lifelong learner.
  • Give and respect different cultural diversity and individuals.
  • Aim to build self-confidence in children through a holistic approach.
  • Strive to have frequent,, positive and warm interactions among teachers, children and parents.
  • (US) specially trained teachers supporting every child in their odyssey of learning.


We believe learning should be fun and exciting. We aim to motivate and nurture children in order for them to discover the joy and fulfilment of learning. Quality Early Childhood care is of vital importance to the growth and development of children. Research on brain development and learning has shown just how important the early years are for a child’s learning and development.

At Pegasus, we take a multi-faceted approach. We understand that a child’s development and learning do not only take place in the classroom – they happen at home too, such we actively encourage parental involvement to provide the children with a holistic Early Learning Experiences.

Pegasus promotes an Inquiry-based curriculum over traditional Rote Learning techniques. An immersive, Inquiry-based learning empowers children to observe, enquire, explore and comprehend their subject matter. We aim to expose the children to the joy of learning and we believe in equipping them with skills to actively explore their interests.

Principal's Message


I am delighted to welcome children and families to Pegasus International Preschool.

At Pegasus, we focus on inquiry based learning in the early years. Young children are naturally inquisitive. With so much to learn, asking questions is one of the ways in which they can begin to make sense of this new world, and their place and the people in it. Questions are not just useful for children, however. Educators can also make use of them to fire the creativity of young minds, promoting independent learning and critical thinking. When educators pose questions to their students and it helps them to exercise the child’s sense of agency, aiding them in developing valuable and complex problem-solving skills.

When children have been empowered to ask questions and independently investigate the answers, they feel a sense of ownership over their own learning. Inquiry-based approaches to education introduce a sense of investigation – even play – into the curriculum, making it more engaging and meaningful for the child. Children’s interests and questions are then used as a starting point for the teacher, resulting in more effective learning.

Together with our dedicated and compassionate teachers, we look forward to working with you to ascertain that all children reach their fullest potential as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and respectful citizens of the 21st Century.

Our students will begin this new journey with us that will build strong foundations for future successes in all areas.

I look forward to working closely with our families and children this year. I am sure this will be a very rewarding and successful school year for all.

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Shyan Campos Lim
Pegasus International Preschool


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