Incorporating Learning Into Fun Activities

Who says TGIF is only for adults? Kids can also look forward to a day full of fun activities and surprises. After a long week of learning inside the classroom, the kids deserve a special reward for a week well-done. What better way to reward children than a well-deserved day full of exciting discoveries and games.

We always endeavor to make learning fun and engaging in Pegasus Preschool Singapore. Our Fun Friday curriculum fortifies this goal with holistic learning activities tailored to the students’ interests. With Fun Friday, we allow the children time to break away from their usual classroom routines. At the same time, we give them a way to explore new pursuits and hobbies.

Pegasus Fun Friday will fill the children’s day with activities about music, sports, cooking, and many more. Each activity targets physical, social, and mental development in our young learners. Aside from having fun, the children will strengthen their minds, bodies, and social relationships with others.

Additionally, the students will learn about values like sportsmanship, patience, honesty, perseverance, and respect. And with our mentors nurturing and guiding in every activity, the students will acquire wholesome principles that will equip them for their future endeavors. This program is a new addition to our learning curriculum that creates a new road for our young learners to achieve holistic development.


Music is one of the most excellent tools that ignite all areas of child development, including motor, social-emotional and intellectual skills. Pegasus Child Care Centre understands the importance of musical activities in honing the children’s interests and growth. That is why we incorporate musical activities in our Fun Friday program.

Pianica has become our students’ favorite musical learning tool in Pegasus Preschool Singapore. The pianica is an excellent addition to our educational curriculum because it is easy to learn, even for children. More so, children are drawn to the instrument because there is something special about blowing into the instrument and getting great tunes quickly.


Pegasus Child Care Centre does not only aim to enhance the young learners’ intellectual capacity but also build the children’s physical strength. We understand that a growing child needs to do physical exercise every once in a while. Our Fun Friday multisport activities allow them to experience many different sports and activities to develop their athleticism.

Our multisports activities focuses on building the kids’ more advanced skill set like throwing and catching with one hand, learning different throwing styles,  kicking from the hand, bouncing an dribbling. In addition, we also take time to do advanced coordination exercise. These exercises include tip-toe, run sideways, backward, and jump on one foot. Lastly, we also cover sports like cricket, soccer, basketball, rugby, baseball, and athletics.

Mini Chefs

Who says cooking is only for adults? Cooking is very helpful in to help young learners learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. Cooking a simple cake, cookie or bread allows the children to handle ingredients with precision and purpose. The task of measuring and weighing will help them perfect their counting skills, discover the metric system and learn fractions.

Furthermore, our mini chef activities will also help deveop the kids’ bilateral coordination and spatial awareness. Making balls out of dough, mixing ingredients and sifting flour is an excellent activity to train their hand-eye coordination. And of course, the experience of creating meals can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. With little flexibility and prep work, our little Pegasus preschoolers can enjoy a day of culinary adventure they can enjoy.


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