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October 17th, 1:11 am

Pegasus International Preschool

这一周幼儿通过《谢谢小猴子》的故事初步了解了帮助其他人的快乐。幼儿对故事里的花朵很感兴趣,结合幼儿的兴趣老师带领幼儿用小手印画的方法制作花朵,作品完成后幼儿和朋友互换花朵,共同祝福自己的节日。老师还带领幼儿们一起哼唱歌曲《当我们同在一起》,让幼儿了解和朋友们在一起才是最快乐的。幼儿还积极地参与了儿童节庆祝活动,他们进行寻宝游戏,制作皇冠和面具,共同分享带来的食物,度过了一个开心,愉快的儿童节。学校和老师也给幼儿准备了一些小礼物,祝福他们儿童节快乐! ... See MoreSee Less

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October 17th, 1:08 am

Pegasus International Preschool

今週は、指先を使ったお勉強いちごのフエルトにポツポツをつけていく作業とハローウイン(今月末)のぬり絵をしましたよ。 ... See MoreSee Less

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October 17th, 12:44 am

Pegasus International Preschool

第四学期第四周 这一周我们学习了《三只蝴蝶》的故事,幼儿了解故事内容,模仿和学说故事中蝴蝶和花儿的对话,加强幼儿的语言表达能力及理解能力。结合故事内容,幼儿一起动手利用环保材料运用剪、贴等方法制作“花园”,利用对折画的方法制作蝴蝶,为接下来的角色扮演活动做准备。幼儿还积极地探索蝴蝶的成长过程,知道蝴蝶是由毛毛虫变的,并将毛毛虫如何变成蝴蝶的过程用绘画的形式呈现出来。培养幼儿对科学知识的兴趣和爱好。 ... See MoreSee Less

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October 17th, 12:40 am

Pegasus International Preschool

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October 17th, 12:31 am

Pegasus International Preschool

Learning the life cycle of a frog was fun with Nursery 2 and Kinder students working together to draw up that up on paper. Each student took turns contributing on paper. Students focused on the:
1. Discovery of the world - learned about the frog
2. Social and emotional - working together with their peers
3. Literacy and language - using verbal and writing skills
4. Aesthetic & Creation - illustrating each stage of the frog's life cycle
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Soaring To Greater Heights The Pegasus Way!

If you prefer a setting where the child is viewed as being capable of steering and directing their own learning process, then Pegasus International Preschool is the one. Our Inquiry-based Learning Philosophy supports holistic development through quality social interaction which is achieved through our Low Teacher-Child Ratio whereby observations and documentation are essential tools our educators are equipped with to showcase our students’ progress in learning.

Take a ride in our school bus to our aesthetically pleasing Reggio Emilia inspired environment nestled in the heart of Novena where our approach is both child-centred and directed to promote an effective and meaningful learning experience even for the youngest child in our care.

We believe that a child's driving sense of curiosity, along with their inherent potential, and the environment as the third teacher are integral parts of driven learning. The immersion programme has positively impacted us to emerge as one of the top preschools in Singapore offering a kindergarten as well as a childcare through its customised and planned schedule.

Our Trilingual Innovative Approach to teaching Japanese, Mandarin and English fosters a positive impact on linguistic, cognitive and intellectual development in our students. Our students emerge naturally flexible and easily adaptable through the experiences of diversity.

Our unique programme strikes a balance of age appropriate experiences as well as enrichment to keep your little ones enthusiastically engaged. We promote healthy eating habits serving generous portions of organic vegetables, white and brown rice as well as wholemeal bread.

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Why Choose Us?

   Reggio Emilia Inspired Environment

   Inquiry-based Curriculum

   Low Teacher-Child Ratio

   Trilingualism (English, Japanese and Mandarin)

   Transport Service

   Cookery Class

   Art Atelier Projects

   Creative and Critical Thinking

   Sports Education

Our Programmes

Our School

Transformative, Child-Centred Preschool Education Your child loves to ask “Why?” as soon as they are able to express themselves confidently. Driven by curiosity, children seek to explore the world from…

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Our Approach

At Pegasus, we take a multi-faceted approach. We understand that a child’s development and learning do not only take place in the classroom – they happen at home too, such…

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Our Environment

Pegasus follows a set of Inquiry-based curriculum which involves hands-on projects and class activities. Our spacious classrooms and expansive outdoor play area allow children to have the freedom of learning…

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Pegasus International Preschool
72 Keng Lee Road
Leve 2 & 4 (within the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan Building)
Singapore 219248
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