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Children are naturally curious. From the moment they acquire an awareness of the world, they start to explore. As soon as they learn how to express themselves, they get into wonderment and will soar with confidence. Nothing is mightier than a child’s curiosity during their early years.

Pegasus International Preschool Singapore embraces inquiry-based learning to develop young minds. With our carefully-planned curriculum, we endeavor to nurture and develop our young youths holistically.

The learning process starts with the children interacting with their environment. Anchoring on the children’s natural curiosity, we instill questioning skills and intuitive exploration to engage with the environment with their senses. Initiated by their interests, we drive their learning further to grasp basic concepts of language, mathematics, arts, physical development through creative methods and approaches.

We facilitate our young learners with the goal to achieve holistic growth. In Pegasus, we believe that a child not just be academically driven but develop prosocial skills, build on their character, physical being and consciousness. At the end of their Pegasus journey, we expect lifelong learning children, confident and readiness in conquering the world.

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February 4th, 11:55 pm

Pegasus International Preschool
Setsubun is a Japanese ceremony which involves throwing soy beans at a demon figure to ward away bad luck and to invite new luck in. Traditionally Setsubun falls on February 3rd and marks the passing of winter into spring. Besides throwing soy beans at the demon (or “Oni” in Japanese), children traditionally make demon masks, eat special sushi rolls, and eat roasted soy beans (one for each year of their lives). Sometimes throwing soy beans at the demon can be a little scary for the younger children (especially if the demon is a big person in a scary mask) so we decided to throw small pieces of crushed paper instead. Our Japanese teacher disguised herself as the 'oni'. Some of our little ones requested to be the 'oni' and scare their friends. We took turns in disguising as the 'oni'.Our English teachers read the story of Setsubun to our little ones. We had picture conversation and shared stories of the practices they had back at home. The toddlers, Nursery 1 and 2 students coloured and made cute demon masks. The Kindergarten 1 and 2 students created their own faces of 'oni' with recycled materials instead. We had a fun and fruitful experience learning about the significance of the event. Embracing diversity is a key component in our campus. ... See MoreSee Less
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January 29th, 10:54 pm

Pegasus International Preschool
On the 3rd of February, we will be celebrating the Japanese festival “Setsubun”!This festival is celebrated the day before the first day of spring. It is celebrated by throwing roasted soybeans outside the door of houses to chase out the oni (naughty ogres or spirits). However, during our celebration, to ensure safety, we’ll be throwing tissue paper instead. We will also create an Oni hat mask on that day. Looking forward to the event!! ... See MoreSee Less
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January 29th, 9:56 pm

Pegasus International Preschool
Providing a sense of adventure. Every trip to the park brings new things to see and discover. While kids play, they may gain a sense of accomplishment from challenges met outdoors, which can lead to greater self-confidence and self-worth.The trip to Jacob Ballas garden provided an opportunity for imagination and creativity, cognitive and intellectual development, and negotiating social relationships with peers.We started off in class with a pre discussion on expected behaviour and rules to observe while being at the garden. One of our peers created and sang a song for this special experience. That showed the excitement that was in the air!! ... See MoreSee Less
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January 26th, 11:51 pm

Pegasus International Preschool
Exploring Atlas is from 3.30pm to 4pm.We have been exploring the World map and our little ones pointed out to China and suggested that we focus on that. We have been working on the flag of China and wrote simple sentences to describe the flag.1. LEARNING ABOUT MAPS INTRODUCES SPATIAL THINKINGLearning about maps helps children begin to understand what is going on in the spaces around them. According to National Geographic, “Spatial thinking is one of the most important skills that students can develop as they learn geography, Earth, and environmental sciences.”2. READING MAPS IMPROVES VISUAL LITERACYAccording to, map skills contribute to the skill of reading images. This means that a student is comprehending an image, rather than just observing it.3. HELPS KIDS SEE PAST THEIR OWN PERSPECTIVELearning about where different cities and countries are located will help children gain a larger world view than what they see in their daily lives. If they can look at a globe and realize that Canada is a large country surrounded by water, while Switzerland is much smaller and does not connect to any sea or ocean, kids will be able to gain a realization that geography affects how people live. ... See MoreSee Less
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January 26th, 11:29 pm

Pegasus International Preschool
Coming Soon!!Look out for this space for updates on our very first trip on the Magic School Bus of this year!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Learning Through Exploration

Pegasus stands out from other pre school Singapore with our inquiry-based learning. We are one of the top 10 preschools in Singapore because we allow children the liberty to build their own understanding through the process of inquiry. This results in more deep-seated learning because the kid’s natural inclination to know more leads them to their own learning.

In Pegasus pre-school Singapore, we strive to provide quality early childhood experiences. We prepare the environment in the child care centre fun, memorable, interactive, and conducive to the child’s learning needs. We aim to provide our young learners a comfortable and warm environment where they will feel at home in focusing on their learning domains.

Our learning curriculum incorporates exciting and collaborative activities to encourage critical thinking, exploration, interaction, and discovery. This includes hands-on activities to hone their creativity, emotional, and physical development.

The kids will explore indoor and outdoor environments. They will enjoy various experiences through music, games, and visual arts. Our mission is to foster the kids’ natural passion for learning. We encourage and instill in them the embodiment of being a life-long learner.


Our Goal: Develop Youth Holistically

Our goal for our young learners as one of the best kindergarten international school in Singapore in holistic development. More than teaching the foundations for higher learning, we aim to help our preschoolers develop and strengthen in all key facets: mind, body, and consciousness. Pegasus learners experience life lessons apart from academic concepts to equip them for the future.

Our curriculum is curated to educate and nurture the foundations of their early years. Collaborative activities will encourage socialization and confidence. Exploration will spark their curiosity. Artistic activities will stimulate imagination and creativity.

We pursue to introduce diversity at a young age. As an international kindergarten, we persevere to educate the youth to appreciate and respect cultural differences. To produce holistically developed learners, children embrace diversity and its beauty.

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Our Approach: Fun and Interactive Learning

In Pegasus, we believe that learning should be fun and exciting. We designed our facilities to allow the children to play, make friends, explore, and ask questions and adopt effective teaching approaches in an interactive classroom.

With our child friendly environment, children will be relaxed and open to learning. Our teaching approach aims to nurture their excitement and curiosity to lead them to their own discovery of facts about the things and activities that around them.

Moreover, our curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. We anchor on the children’s emerging interests, ideas, and questions to open opportunities for discussion, decision-making, and teamwork. At Pegasus Childcare Singapore, the children don’t just learn by being told, they learn naturally through inquiry, discovery, and discussion.

Moreover, as one of the best childcare centres in Singapore, we support kids’ rich learning experience with our trained and dynamic teachers. In Pegasus Kindergarten Singapore, we ensure that every child gets their deserved attention to guide them on their learning journey. We make sure that the teacher-child ratio is low and effective so that the teacher observes and understands every child during the inquiry and discussion stage.


Why Choose Us?

We care for your children and their futures as much as you do. We recognize our role, as a learning institution, in molding the young to be better learners, children, and dreamers. Thus, we provide our best efforts and strategies to support every child’s holistic development.

We aim our school to be the best learning place for your kids. In Pegasus, the children have much to see and discover. Our environment is the third teacher to propel every child’s learning.

Pegasus is a trilingual institution. We provide learning experiences in English, Mandarin and Japanese. This helps set the integration of different nationalities and cultures in one setting. Moreover, this exposes the students to diversity and helps them emerge as naturally flexible and adaptable in cultural changes.

Our various programs are child-centered specifically focused on supporting the child’s needs and developments at a certain age. Our team of educators are not just teachers but are also mentors. They support the children’s rich development and prepare them for their life-long journey.

Our School

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Our Approach

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Our Environment

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