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Pegasus International Preschool is a top 10 preschool in Singapore. Our preschool Singapore principles like inquiry-based learning philosophy enable us to be a model institution for learning. In Pegasus, we believe that learning should be fun and exciting. Thus we do not only focus our teaching approaches in a traditional classroom set-up. We allow the children to play, make friends, explore, and ask questions.

This way, children are more relaxed and open to learning. We allow them to steer their learning by focusing on the child’s interests. We nurture their excitement and curiosity to lead them to their own discovery of facts about the things and activities that surround them.

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December 1st, 10:59 pm

Pegasus International Preschool

This is a story that celebrates the individual. Objects, like people, interact differently to one another and with the world according to their perspective. Big wishes he could be carefree and drift away with the wind like Smalls but he is solid and predictable. Talls are wibbly and wobbly and fall over in the wind.

We did an abstract art by drawing their version of Big, Smalls and Talls and painted to give it a background lift. It’s a story about Big. Big is a large orange shape. Basically the whole book is filled with shapes relating in space, and how weight, tension, colour, positive and negative space can create emotion for the viewer/reader.

Accepting each other’s differences and being aware that everyone is unique and finding balance is a practice that needs to be cultivated.
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December 1st, 10:56 pm

Pegasus International Preschool

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December 1st, 10:53 pm

Pegasus International Preschool

今週は、ひらがなの「と」 で鳥のアートをしました。鳥にカラフルな羽を上手につけてくれましたよ。 ... See MoreSee Less

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December 1st, 10:48 pm

Pegasus International Preschool

今週は、水彩絵の具で遊んだり、絵本の読み聞かせをたくさんしました。 ... See MoreSee Less

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December 1st, 10:44 pm

Pegasus International Preschool

As the term break week has begun, we’re exploring sensorial play and art! We begun the week with learning to refine our fine motor skills: tearing and crushing.
We then progressed onto once again re exploring our cloud dough flour but this time, in groups and individually. Free play and work helps further develop children’s creativity, autonomy over their learning and expression.
We moved onto exploring paint mixed with cornflour as it thickens. We felt it turn sticky and gooey in our hands, we observed the colours changing when we mixed them together.
We ended the week with a simple art activity, using dried leftover twigs, leaves and flowers as a form of paintbrush. We then folded the paper in half with the material in between to create a printing form. It’s been a handsy and colourful week, indeed!
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Becoming Life Ready with Pegasus Learnings

Early education is important in honing the children’s attitude towards learning. If we teach them early on how to explore and enjoy learning, we teach them early how to journey through life with optimism and willful spirit. And teaching them young is favorable, as these attitudes embed in their personalities.

At ages 3 to 5 years, children are becoming more independent. They start pushing and exploring boundaries. At their preschool stage, children start identifying the objects and activities that surround them. They begin to mimic the actions adults do and start to view the world with curiosity.

Pegasus International Preschool Singapore acknowledges these quirks. We understand that every child is different and each needs free reign on their learning to better understand their surroundings. This is why, in Pegasus, we allow children to steer and direct their own learning process.

Are you envisioning your child to be one of the best preschool Singapore students? Pegasus International Preschool is the right place for your young one. We understand the learning needs of preschool children and offer the best amenities and teaching staff to cater to Singapore’s young learners.


The Pegasus Philosophy

Our Pegasus philosophy supports the holistic development of the children’s young bodies and minds. Interpersonal interaction allows them to learn socialization and good morals. Further, learning activities lets them run, dance, climb, and play for physical development.

We incorporate this philosophy into every program and the actions we do. Through a suitable teacher-learner ratio, we ensure that every child gets the necessary attention they need to develop. We ensure that every child is free to discover, yet properly guided to correct and clarify them every step of the way.

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Why Choose Us?

We care for your children and their futures as much as you do. We recognize our role, as a learning institution, in molding the young to be better learners, children, and dreamers. Thus, we give in our best efforts and strategies to support the children’s holistic development.

As much as possible, we want our school to be the best learning place for your kids. As such, we’ve designed a modern pre school Singapore facility to have a Reggio Emilia inspired environment. Here, the children have much to see and discover. We utilize our environment to act as a third teacher, to incite curiosity, exploration, and discovery.

Further, Pegasus is a trilingual institution. Here, we teach English, Mandarin and Japanese. This helps set the integration of different nationalities and cultures in one setting. Moreover, this exposes the students to diversity and helps them emerge as naturally flexible and adaptable in cultural changes.

Lastly, we do not only focus on academic excellence but ensure that the students equally explore creativity, sports, arts, and critical thinking. This approach helps develop children’s interests in different avenues at a young age. It helps them build hobbies, create relationships with peers, and forge a strong personality to survive their lifelong journey.

  • Reggio Emilia Inspired Environment
  • Inquiry-based Curriculum
  • Low Teacher-Child Ratio
  • Trilingualism (English, Japanese and Mandarin)
  • Transport Service
  • Cookery Class
  • Art Atelier Projects
  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Sports Education

Pegasus provides one of the best childcare Singapore can offer. We welcome children of ages 2 to 6 years old. Depending on the child’s age and learning level, they will be assigned to appropriate childcare support. Our programs include a child care centre for toddlers, nursery, and kindergarten.

Our smart toddler 1 and 2 programs are open for kids of ages 18 months to 35 months. These programs focus on nurturing the intrinsic values of kids in this stage. Here, children get to explore and use their five senses to discover and complete tasks. Further, we apply experiments in our activities to teach kids cause and effect relationships.

Moreover, nursery 1 and programs are for ages 3-4 years old. Here, kids learn a wider range of numbers and develop social skills. We engage kids in more play activities to teach them how to interact with others and to strengthen their self-confidence.

Lastly, Pegasus is Singapore’s top choice for kindergarten international school. We let kindergarten Singapore kids achieve specific skills and concepts through discovery, integration, and inquiry processes. At this stage, we ensure that the kids have all the basic foundation for further academic disciplines. By the end of this stage, your kid will have developed the character and attitude needed for school and a lifelong journey.

Investing your child’s early learning to one of the best kindergarten Singapore ever has will surely be rewarding in the future. Because with our philosophy, programs, facilities, and staff, we will turn these children from little dreamers to life conquerors. Equipped with their learnings and skills from Pegasus, your kids will be ready to face what’s ahead of them with confidence and enthusiasm.

Our School

Transformative, Child-Centred Preschool Education Your child loves to ask “Why?” as soon as they are able to express themselves confidently. Driven by curiosity, children seek to explore the world from…

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Our Approach

At Pegasus, we take a multi-faceted approach. We understand that a child’s development and learning do not only take place in the classroom – they happen at home too, such…

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Our Environment

Pegasus follows a set of Inquiry-based curriculum which involves hands-on projects and class activities. Our spacious classrooms and expansive outdoor play area allow children to have the freedom of learning…

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Join Our Pegasus Family!

Are you still looking for the best childcare Singapore could offer and still going over your preschool Singapore list? End your search and be part of our Pegasus family! You may ask, “where’s the best kindergarten near me and the lead for the top preschool near me?” Well, Pegasus is the choice for the best.

We want to invite you to see how well Pegasus is equipped to operate amidst the ongoing problem of the pandemic. In this event, we will tour the premises, talk about our services, and do fun activities.

Contact us today to register for our open house event and to enroll your child. Visit our school to know more about us. Join our preschool open house Singapore family!


Pegasus International Preschool
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