Testimonials from Parents

Child’s name : Matthew Sia
Kindergarten 2 Class

The interaction between the teachers and children is respectful and friendly,
 and the curriculum design is creative, allowing children to express themselves through different tools. We also like that the school is quite large, but it feels cosy, with lots of different spaces for the kids to explore.

I appreciate the daily updates and photos from Matthew’s teachers very much. We chat on our way home and during dinner time about what Matthew has done at school that day and how he feels about things.

Child’s name : Yaroslav
Smart Toddler Class

“Ever since Yaroslav attended Pegasus International Preschool, he has become more independent. He is able to put on his shoes without any help. He does not want to be fed anymore and insists on doing all the “eating work” by himself with varied success! His English has improved tremendously too. He sings and counts in English every day and uses words for random objects he sees. We are very happy about that though we do not understand what he is saying sometimes. He does not seem to be shy of other children as he used to. We are very happy with his progress”

Child’s Name: Febe Wong

Smart Toddler Class

“We thank Pegasus International Preschool to settle my child within a week! As my child had serious parent–child separation and stranger anxiety from former two preschool. And apart this, Pegasus also prepared and guided us on “how to solve this stage”. As a parent, their professionalism and proactive predicament was much appreciated. Also the School philosophy, the teachers’ love and these amazing school trips build my child up with exposure and maturity that my child display every day. The progress update bridges my absence and catch up of my child learning growth, apart academics, the emotional and psychical growth. Most importantly we love those lifelong learner concepts and skills that were inculcated. I believe that will harness a variety of social skills, self-confidence, courage, meticulous, and the inspirations to think through situations both critically and creatively. Never before I hear a child love and get excited going to school. Many thanks to the Principal and educators of Pegasus International Preschool. “

The Ogura Family:

“We love the new and clean school facilities and huge playground.
It is very good for kids that the everyday meal is cooked in the school. The teachers are very friendly and nice.
Our son, Sho, seems to be having so much fun in the school!”

The Konoha Family:

“The school is very huge and clean.
We liked the wooden floor and high ceilings.
We have looked at many other schools and Pegasus satisfies all our need and requirements, so we decided to sign our daughter, Eisuke immediately!”

Ms Amelie de Spot, Oscar Schmitz’s mother:

“Oscar has attended Pegasus since May 2013. Pegasus is a small and friendly school with excellent curriculum that prepares kids academically as well as teaching them values; autonomy, creativity, discipline, open mindedness. These are an extension of our family values. The facilities are everything we could hope for: well equipped classrooms and playground, hot lunch and snacks, showers, beds, water play and even a guinea pig to teach the children how to take care of animals. Outdoor activities are organised regularly and the children go on visits to the Botanic Gardens and Sentosa.

Parent Contact is excellent! A Teacher welcomes the kids personally every morning and is present at pick up every afternoon.”


Pegasus International Preschool
72 Keng Lee Road
Leve 2 & 4 (within the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan Building)
Singapore 219248
(65) 6291 8286
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