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Concert & Graduation 2019

Happy Children’s Day 2019 (Pegasus International Preschool)

A Fun Day @ West Coast Park (Pegasus International Preschool Singapore)

Teacher’s Day cum Pegasus Family Day @ Sentosa 5 Sep 2019

Racial Harmony Celebration 2019

“The Smile of A Child is Like A Rainbow in the Sky” (Dr Cavity)

Joint Event with Kizland Grandstand (Pegasus International Preschool)

Take a Dive into an Aromatic Experience with Pegasus Magic Ride (Pegasus International Preschool)

Keep Fit with Pegasus Cardio For Kids (Pegasus International Preschool)

Bird’s Nest STEM Challenge (Pegasus International Preschool)

Kodomo No Hi Celebration 2019

Hari Raya Celebriation 2019

Father’s Day Celebration 2019 (Pegasus International Preschool)

Easter Day 2019 (Pegasus International Preschool)

Mother’s Day Celebration Pegasus 2019

Let’s go Hawaii !

Pegasus International Preschool – 你可以看到彩色的世界吗?(The Colourful World in My Eyes!)

PlayDate Event (Pegasus International Preschool)

Pegasus International Preschool – Our Excursion to Changi Airport (SG)

Pegasus International Preschool – One Day Trip @ China Town (SG)

Pegasus International Preschool – One Day Trip @ Jurong Bird Park (7 Sep 2018)

Spring Tour – Feast On A Rich & Sensorial Learning Experience with us!

Pegasus International Preschool – Aug Trip 2018


Pegasus CNY Open House 2018

Easter Event 2021

Event 2021

Easter Event 2021

Easter Event 2021

Besides bunnies, the Easter season is rooted in renewal, rebirth, eternal life and hope for the future.

We had our Easter egg hunt and party outdoors with story time and music and dance as we were little bunnies. It was such a beautiful day which helped make our day go perfectly…


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