Smart Toddlers

Smart Toddler 1 & 2

Ages 18 mths to 35 mths

Our Smart Toddler programmes focus on the intrinsic nature of toddlers who are curious, inquisitive and active. They will enthusiastically use their five senses to actively explore the world around them. They find pleasure in discovering through cause and effect completing basic tasks. We foster experimentation. Younger toddlers learn through trial and error. What may look like unfocused play is really testing how the world works. For example, dropping an object in water and observing whether it floats or sinks is testing a hypothesis. Repeatedly dropping a toy off of the high chair tray to see if it makes a loud sound helps toddlers understand cause and effect.

Language and Communication Development Skills

Responding and understanding some words, forming simple sentences, singing and responding to songs, rhymes and stories.

Cognitive and Brain development

Engages in Pretend play, shows awareness of different objects, people and colours in the environment.

Smart Toddler

Self and Social Development abilities

Develop positive attitudes and trust in caregivers as well as among peers. Interact and express with others.

Sensory and Psychomotor Development

Shows keen awareness and demonstrate use of senses. Walk independently, use small muscles and simple coordination of eye hand movements to carry out tasks.

Pegasus also provides enriching expressive art and music experiences for toddlers to explore, encourage creativity in the early years.


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