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Established in May 2013, Pegasus International Preschool Singapore (PIPS) is founded on the goal of building holistic youth through a conducive and interactive learning environment. Following a Reggio Emilia inquiry-based curriculum, Preschool Central Singapore provides the ideal conditions and methods to bring out the children’s creativity, interests, and self-confidence. We foster the youth’s physical wellbeing, character development, and environmental consciousness through hands-on projects, interactive classroom activities, and extensive outdoor games.

Pegasus International Preschool

Pegasus International Preschool

Location & Environment

Located at Novena, opposite KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Pegasus Preschool is ideally in the central region of Singapore and close to the Central Area. It’s a very convenient preschool location for children of working parents and even full-fledged parents. Parents can drop off their children in school, go to work and still be near them for easy check-in. The location is also ideal for non-working parents as it is advantageously near commercial establishments and the city center where they can run errands while the kids are in school. 

Preschool Central Singapore features a setting that’s more than just the typical classroom setup. Our facilities are designed with eye-catching decorations meant to inspire curiosity and discovery. And more than that, we want to make your child’s first school memorable, fun, interactive, and conducive to learning.

The extensive classrooms are an enjoyable place where children from various cultural backgrounds can learn and play. The open-concept school grounds ensure that your child stays fit, active, and always eager to learn more!

Our Great Outdoors

At Pegasus, we try to utilise our spacious grounds outside of our classrooms.

The outdoors is a wonderful place for pre-schoolers to practise and master their emerging physical skills. This is where they can fully experience motor skills such as running, leaping and jumping. It is also the most appropriate area to practice their developing hand-eye coordination such as ball handling, throwing, catching and striking.

At times, carrying out activities such as drawing, reading and cooking in the outdoors can be highly beneficial for the children. The sunshine stimulates the Pineal Gland, the part of the brain which regulates the so-called “biological clock”, that is vital to the development of a child’s Immune system.

Our spacious outdoor play areas allow our children to always be in touch with nature and as a result, they are both happy and healthy at the same time.

Pegasus International Preschool

Preschool Central In Novena Singapore

Guiding Principles in Shaping Young Learners

In Pegasus Preschool, our philosophy is always to make learning more than a tedious chore a child should do. Rather, we want the children to be driven by their interests to develop their eagerness to learn. With the guidance of the teachers and parents, prompted by the environment and activities, children learn to ask questions and discover the answers, while having fun and creating good memories.

There are different ways children can learn. So we incorporate outdoor activities and games in teaching basic concepts such as numbers, time, and colors. Our outdoor play areas provide kids the independence to learn freely while having the opportunity to socialize and experience diversity. Additionally, the stimulating atmosphere and conducive qualities of the Pegasus Preschool experience will bring out the children’s creativity and physical abilities.

Pegasus International Preschool

Fostering Holistic Development The Pegasus Way

Our Preschool Central Singapore cares for your child as much as you do. Our goal is not just to teach the kids basic learning, but to develop their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills altogether. We endeavor to achieve this goal through our unique approach of collaborative work with the parents, community, and teachers. This approach ensures that the children enjoy a positive learning experience.

At Pegasus Preschool Singapore, we initiate the learning process by obtaining information and data with our senses – sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. Prompted by inquiry, the young children are encouraged to engage in hands-on experiences and discussions. These experiences encouraged the valuable learning dispositions of know-how in kids, and this is undoubtedly something that will become a part of their lives from the moment it is inculcated in them.

For ages 18 months to 35 months, the smart toddler programs help develop the children’s sensory, psychomotor, self, and social abilities. Kids 3 to 4 years old in the nursery programs will develop language and communication skills. And children 5 to 6 years old in the kindergarten programs advance on their learning essentials through experiments, role play, problem-solving tasks, and collaborative projects.


Pegasus International Preschool
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