Pegasus International Preschool (PIPS) was inaugurated in May 2013. It is unique as it is trilingual and inquiry-based, started with the intention of delivering good-quality childhood experiences from toddlers to pre-schoolers ranging from 18 months to 6 years. Kids can look forward to creative and critical thinking in a highly progressive atmosphere which enables them to grow into young confident people.


Pegasus International Preschool is located at Novena (opposite of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital). Our centre has been designed very beautifully, and our beliefs are just as charming – we believe in letting children discover their own strengths, develop confidence and soar to new heights with ease.


Our logo speaks a thousand words. Pegasus, a brave, white stallion, is a well renowned character of the Greek mythology which symbolises wisdom. In today’s age, it is a magnificent emblem of flight, strength and inspiration. Our motto is “Soar with Confidence”, which focuses on facilitating and challenging our students to develop confidence and leadership qualities.


The extensive classrooms are an enjoyable place where children from various cultural backgrounds can learn and play. The open-concept school grounds ensures that your child stays fit, active and always eager to learn more!


At our preschool, we initiate the whole process by obtaining information and data with our senses – sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. An inquiry starts with a question or a provocation, and the young children are encouraged to engage in hands-on experiences and discussions. Students who confidently question tend to enjoy greater success, and the ability to find answers on their own, with the help of their own reasoning. These experiences encouraged the valuable learning dispositions of know-how in kids, and this is undoubtedly something that will become a part of their lives from the moment it is inculcated in them.


Pegasus International Preschool
72 Keng Lee Road
Leve 2 & 4 (within the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan Building)
Singapore 219248
(65) 6291 8286
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