Transformative, Child-Centred Preschool Education

Your child loves to ask “Why?” as soon as they are able to express themselves confidently. Driven by curiosity, children seek to explore the world from infancy. At no time in life is curiosity more powerful than in early childhood.

At Pegasus, our curriculum is focused on Inquiry-based learning where children start by formulating questions through interactions with their environment. At Pegasus, we begin this inquiry process by understanding the many questions children ask and allowing them to engage in intuitively exploring in their environment with their own senses.

Initiated by their interest, we engage our pre-schoolers to further explore various concepts creatively such as Language and literacy, Mathematics, Physical and Cognitive development etc. For a pre-schooler, we believe that a holistic approach has to be taken, which is why Pegasus places a strong emphasis on our children’s physical well-being, character building and their environmental consciousness.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Through the process of inquiry, children construct much of their understanding of the natural and human-designed worlds. Inquiry implies a “need or want to know” premise. Inquiry is not so much seeking the right answer — because often there is none — but rather seeking appropriate resolutions to questions and issues. In Pegasus, inquiry implies emphasis on the development of inquiry skills and the nurturing of inquiring attitudes or habits of mind that will enable children to continue the quest for knowledge throughout life.

Vision & Mission


Pegasus aims to deliver high quality early childhood experiences in a conducive and interactive environment. Our Inquiry-based curriculum strives to promote fun learning through an inquiry process, thus allowing our students to develop and progress confidently.


  • Promote creativity, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development through interactive activities for children using hands-on explorations, indoor and outdoor experiences comprising creative music and movements as well as visual arts.
  • Encourage children to foster a passion for learning to be a lifelong learner.
  • Appreciating diversity and respecting cultural differences.
  • Aims to build self-confidence in children through a holistic approach.
  • Strive to have frequent, positive and warm interactions with teachers, peers and parents.
  • Experienced, qualified and hand-picked educators supporting every child in their odyssey of learning.


We believe learning should be fun and exciting. We aim to motivate and nurture children to discover the joy and fulfilment in learning. Quality Early Childhood care is of vital importance to the growth and development of children. Research on brain development has proven the importance of early years in a child’s learning and development.

At Pegasus, we take a multi-faceted approach. We understand that a child’s development and learning does not only take place in the classroom but at home too. We strongly encourage and actively involve parents to provide their children with Early Learning Experiences.

Pegasus promotes an Inquiry-based curriculum in contrast to the traditional Rote Learning techniques. An immersive, Inquiry-based learning empowers children to observe, enquire, explore and comprehend their subject matter. We aim to expose the children to the joy of learning and we believe in equipping them with skills to actively explore their interests.


Pegasus International Preschool
72 Keng Lee Road
Leve 2 & 4 (within the Kim Mui Hoey Kuan Building)
Singapore 219248
(65) 6291 8286
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