Career Opportunities at Pegasus International Preschool Singapore

Pegasus International Preschool is continually growing. We want to give every child to receive the right attention so we are looking to match our number of educators to the most suitable teacher-to-student ratio. We are looking for passionate teachers who are not daunted in being a vital instrument in the children’s development. Careers at International Preschool Singapore offer lots of opportunities for career development. If you enjoy working with children and creating a fun learning experience for them, then we want you!

Pegasus International Preschool Singapore is an inquiry-based starting school for young learners from age 18 months to 6 years. Our philosophy centers on providing education that nurtures children to see the fun and fulfillment in learning. With lots of exciting activities and projects, we foster the children’s nature to explore, inquire and learn about their environment. 

Pegasus Preschool cares more than just teaching the children the fundamentals. We also want to create a fun childhood experience that they will remember. We do lots of play explorations, projects, and outdoor activities to help the students discover their interests and develop their motor skills. Our curriculum is built to support the young learners’ holistic development, and prepare them for higher education.

Pegasus is looking to expand the team for those ready to fill in careers at International Preschool Singapore. Because the school caters to children of various nationalities and cultures, we require the teacher to be fluent in the English language. We are seeking motivated and passionate educators who can fulfill their responsibilities with care and enthusiasm. 

We are looking for someone to fill in the careers at International Preschool Singapore with the following qualifications.

Is teaching children your passion? Apply for the careers at International Preschool Singapore and push your career forward. Enquire today to join our Pegasus International Preschool Singapore family!

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