Easter Day Event 2021

Besides bunnies, the Easter season is rooted in renewal, rebirth, eternal life and hope for the future.

We had our Easter egg hunt and party outdoors with story time and music and dance as we were little bunnies. It was such a beautiful day which helped make our day go perfectly…
We rolled our eggs from one hula hoop to another. We cheered our friends and completed a collaborative art in class.

Collaborative art focuses on cooperation rather than competition. Everyone works together as equals and pool their ideas. Each child is like a little culture on their own. By experiencing the creative flow on their own, a child comes to understand himself or herself and his/her own inner experience. By working with others, they gain similar insight into their friends and classmates.

We then had an egg rolling game with the children where we had to roll the eggs without using our legs. Needless to say, our children took on the challenge with determination and much focus! This activity aids in developing balancing, hand eye coordination and locomotor skills as well as problem-solving skills.

We then had cooling down the activity of decorating our class Easter bunny and egg, in groups of two. Each group had a chance to decorate both the egg and bunny. This allowed for the children to calm down from such a colorful morning as well as work together to create something meaningful to the class.
We shared, played and danced through this celebration!