Kindergarten 1

Age: 5 Years

As with every age and stage, your kindergartener is mastering a new set of skills. At Pegasus, we focus on helping the child attain specific skills and concepts through extensive discovery, integration, and inquiry processes. The child will be equipped with the necessary skills in all areas of development essential for schooling years. We will also help your child develop confidence, ability to work effectively in group collaborations and develop a sense of respect for all cultures, diversity and the world around them.

This is an important factor in their preschool years to be regarded as highly successful through their learning experiences. There is an increased level of emphasis to help your child progress and develop towards achieving these focused areas of competencies:

Language and Communication Competency Skills

Kindergarten 1

(Phonological Awareness Program)

Your child will start to engage more in conversations depicting events and daily incidents that happen to them. There is also use of words to form short yet complete sentences. Ideas and feelings are communicated through words accompanied by the ability to reason with peers or family members. They would show interest in writing for specific purposes by forming labels of things around them.

Cognitive and Brain development

Your child will be able to observe and show different problem-solving abilities. There would be application of information or experiences towards a new context and the child is able to draw on their knowledge and experience for play moments.

Self and Social Development abilities

There is an increased ability to compromise and discuss with their peers to solve various conflicts. The child would be respectful towards the rights of others and accepts responsibilities. The child will also be more confident in taking up leadership roles in school with increasing independence.

Sensory and Psycho-motor Development

Gross and fine motor skills with the use of senses are demonstrated with higher competency. Your child will be able to make use of their senses in visual, sound, taste and smell with different abilities and discriminating skills by collaborating various materials in their play episodes.

21st Century Life Long Learning Development and Education

Your child will show awareness in cause and effect relationships, respect the world, diversity and cultures. The child will also be engaged in technology and its processes, thus enabling the child to be readily connected to the world and future learning.


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